Svitland Development Ltd. is a leading development company, operating in the Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Our company has a diversified portfolio of financially attractive investment and development projects in prime locations with established infrastructure and good ecology.Our company’s portfolio includes commercial and residential real estate development projects in Kiev and Minsk.

2006Svitland was established


98 861m2

Total area of
completed projects

103 630m2

Total area of current
projects under construction

98 000m2

Total area of future
projects under design

  • 2completed projects
  • 2under construction projects
  • 3future projects under design

After successfully entering in 2002 the Russian Market by Mirland Development Plc a strategic decision to expand further in CIS (The Commonwealth of Independent States) was taken. As a result of this decision Svitland Developments was created.

  • 1We are responsible for

    our obligations

    Svitland capability as a developer has been demonstrated in periods of economic growth and depression. In times of poor economic climates Svitland Developments has not stopped construction of its office, retail or residential projects.

  • 2We are responsible for

    high quality building construction

    We have established strict requirements for the quality of building materials, working processes and equipment installations in our residential and commercial buildings.

  • 3We offer

    further property management services for our Clients

    Svitland business model includes commercial real estate construction, a leasing option and its management services. In other words, Svitland supports its Clients at every stage of a new project.

Diversified real estate portfolio

Real estate market sectors:
  • Office – 47 161 m2
  • Retail/Commercial – 33 500 m2
  • Residential – 198 630м2
  • Parking – 21 200 м2
Geographical locations we work in:
  • Ukraine – 187 700 m2
  • Belarus – 112 791 m2

Currently Svitland Development Ltd is successfully constructing commercial premises and residential complexes with a total area of 100,000 sq.m

A strong team of professionals, extensive knowledge of local real estate markets, partnership with leading International consulting companies and thoroughly considered strategies, have earned Svitland Development Ltd, a reputation of being a leading developer in the Ukraine and Belarus.

The way we work on our investment and building development projects:

  • 1


    • Thorough research of investment opportunities
    • Project economic and investment feasibility assessment
    • Acquisition of land plots (ownership or lease)
  • 2


    • Development of project concept
    • Project initiation and Design service
    • Obtaining necessary permissions (licenses)
  • 3


    • Project financing
    • Construction/building
    • Marketing
    • Sale/lease of premises
  • 4

    Assets Management:

    • Property management
    • Property sales

Company structure