In Belarus the company’s main activity is commercial and residential real estate development and construction. The Company’s portfolio includes unique, successful and high-performance development projects in residential and commercial segments of real estate market.

200843 765m271 500m2
Svitland Belarus was establishedTotal area of current projects under constructionTotal area of future projects under design

The company established itself in Belarus in 2008, following the conclusion of an Investment Agreement with the Republic of Belarus for development of a Hi-Tech Park construction project (equivalent to Silicon Valley in the USA).
The project called ‘Clever Park’, was designed and developed by Svitland and following minor modifications it was successfully completed.

Details about "Clever Park"

Project "Clever Park" includes:3 residential buildings comprising of 393 apartments;7 - storey office complex;43 765 m2 total project area

Our Company’s success is a result of our constant search of new investment opportunities. Our Company has sufficient financial and human resources to deliver the most ambitious investment development projects.

Currently, our Company has started a residential development project in the prestigious district of Minsk - Lebiazhij which is fully compliant with European standards:

Complex "D3" comprises:3 residential buildings71 150 m2 total area2 304 m2 area for commercial use

Details about D3

Managing Director in Belarus and Lithuania

Yossef Fridman

«I understand a simple thing: An investor has to have identified investment resources and real estate in the country he wants to develop in. It is obvious to me, that to create a successful development company in any country it is not enough to construct just one building. That is the reason we are planning to grow and develop our real estate portfolio in Belarus.» Yossef Fridman’s interview for «Ezhednevnik»

Our Company’s financial partner in Belarus

«European Bank for Reconstruction and Development»